Limerick Printmakers (LP) is a printmaking studio and creative space that supports the goals of both individual printmakers and the wider printmaking community through the provision of a range of high quality printmaking facilities in a co-operative environment.

LP strives to facilitate the maximum amount of opportunities to share the experience of printmaking and engage with audiences in diverse ways in order to increase awareness, understanding and enjoyment of this expansive and vital art form.
In addition to its primary focus, that of providing studio facilities and other opportunities to a wide selection of artists, the organisation also delivers detailed education programmes for all ages and abilities, an annual exhibition schedule, bursary awards, a variety of printmaking focused events, national and international collaborations and a unique mobile printmaking programme. It is a recognised and respected entity within Limerick city as well as nationally and internationally.

LP are now inviting applications for the following position:

Education and Community Engagement Coordinator (18 hrs per week)

Reporting to: Manager of Limerick Printmakers, Board of Management



Telephone: (061) 311806

Opening Hours
Monday: 2pm - 5.30pm
Tuesday to Friday: 09:30am to 5.30pm

Telephone (061) 311806 3 Johns Square, Limerick E: